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Marshall has it all; money, women, designer suits and sports cars! But one thing tops the list: his high-paying job. A job most people in the world would love to have but one that places him on the criminals' most wanted list. With a flip of a coin, it all comes crashing down; Marshall is arrested for a robbery he didn't commit. For a master chameleon, jail becomes his playground; weaving his master plan. Strings are pulled and Marshall gains his freedom. He is a man with 26 million reasons to be hunted and every criminal wants to get their hands on him. Threatened, kidnapped, drugged and tourtured, Marshall is caught in a sticky web of lies and seduction... or is he?

Cinema Sessions

Sydney: Hoyts EQ
(Starts 23rd April)

Bent Street,
Moore Park,
NSW 2021
Melbourne: Baronia Cinema
(Starts 30th April)

216 Dorset Road,
VIC 3155
Adelaide: Mitcham Cinema
(Starts 23rd April)

Mitcham Shopping Centre,
119 Belair Road,
Torrens Park
SA 5062
Wagga: Forum Wagga
(Starts 23rd April)

77 Trail Street,
Wagga Wagga,
NSW 2650
Ettalong Beach: Cinema Paradiso
(Starts 4th June)

Cnr Ocean View & Schnapper Rd,
Ettalong Beach,
NSW 2257

Cast and crew


Artur Kade - Executive Producer and Producer

Sarah Foster - Hogg - Producer and Casting Director

Andrew Kelly - Producer, First Assistant Director and Sound Editor

Eva Acharya - Co-Writer, Co-Director, Wardrobe, SFX Makeup

Martin Alvarez Garcia - Co Director, Co Writer and Film Editor

James Gowing - Director of Photography, Camera Operator and Sound Editor

Shant Sarkissian - Production Assistant, Camera Assistant

Callum Lewars - Sound Recordist, Boom Operator and Sound Editor

Mark Nunnari - Production Manager, Props Master and Catering Coordinator

Daisy Wang - Behind the scenes, Boom Operator and Sound Design

Leo Ladia - Production Assistant

Kieran G Donovan - Original Story "Funshine"


Paul Winchester - Marshall

Billy Holden - Greg Weinbergen

Neveille Bhamgara - Charles Sanfillipa

Nicholas Moala - Joe Mareeni

Monica Kade - Helena

Mikaela Franco - Tracey

Jennifer Isabel King - Sarah Winters

Shant Sarkissian - James Mclaren

Amber Gokken - Teagan

Sergej kozul - Vladimir

Paul O'Brien - Joseph

Pauline Kingsford-Smith - Erin Mclaren

Directional Extras

Eli Saad
William Harworth
Pervinder Singh
Beata Kade
Greg Visser
Ulises Minotto
Garry West

Kurt Snedon
Carlos Bartelme
Olga Kornijenko
Sebastain Kade
Mitchell Gray
Alfred Tse
Traveet Garabedian

Nenif David
Peter Micos
Greg Carey
Peter Cortis
Leon Latulipe
Carlo Kasparian
Peter Sarkissian


Lynda Horlyck
Aymey-May Rymer
Kiara Rymer
Brayden Rymer
Sonnya Malone
Sandra Krof
Manisha Nand
Divyesh Nand
Subha Nand
Kathleen Espada
Stephanie King
Mustafa Makke
Karen Panov
Michael O'Grady
Erika Munhao
Edita Rahdon
Mike Moran
Justin Thomas Southern
Anne Patricia
Bonnie Field
Phoebe Morrison
Rebecca Keane
Franz Toro
Amy MacDonald
Bradley Griffith
Serna Ladia
Ismael Ladia
Leilani Ladia

Juan-Jose Diaz
Amandeep Perhar
Charles Pritchard
Joel Lewis
Eugene Yap
Alexandra Ristway
Carlita Foster-Hogg
Seve Jarvin
Robert Ferraro
Chelsea Gibson
Josh Chalkley
Lynelle Shotter
Gary Seton
Michael Hall
Michael Abela
Mark Carson
David Wilson
Terrence Alfred Thompson
Neil Griffiths
Darren Campbell
Robert Ferraro
Mitchell Hadley Lowrey
Laura Eade
Dimity Eveleens
Jessica Field
Ann Bowen
Niels Bowen
Frank D'Aspromonte

Ross Lloyd
Aloni Nissos
Ashley Giuliano
Stefanie Giuliano
Amandeep Perhar
Michael O'Grady
Ross Alexander Lloyd
Valeriya Lloyd
Doreen Hall
Rebecca Hall
Jane Visser
Gianna Muollo
Mary Smith
Denise Taylor
Mark Andrew Pearson
Bourdenet Cimdy
Lauren Kaye
Archie Spence
Andrew Spence
Daisy Spence
Vanessa Huybrechts
Tom Dimitrios
Giuliana Ballesteros
Alistair Watts
Steege Matthews
Mahmoud Rifaie
Mikaela Atkins

Teaser Trailers

Download Teaser #1 - Large version (9MB) | Small version (4MB)

Download Teaser #2 - Large version (16MB) | Small version (7MB)

Download Teaser #3 - Large version (25MB) | Small version (10MB)


Click on the links below to hear more great music from the artists that appear in Sweet Marshall.


Token View

The Evening Son

Le Kingste

Red Jezebel


Media kit

For more information about Sweet Marshall or the Particpate Film Academy download the Media Kit.

Download PDF (3MB)

Production Stills


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Participate Film Academy

Sweet Marshall is the fourth film created by students at Participate Film Academy in three years. We are extremely proud to introduce you to it and to our unique school.

Did you know that Participate is the only school in the world that teaches you how to make a movie, while you actually make a movie? Not the standard short film, but an original, full-length, professional-grade feature film.

Participate’s 12-month program covers every aspect of filmmaking, from pitching the story idea to staging the red carpet premiere. The students who made Sweet Marshall took individual responsibility for different roles in the filmmaking process and learnt to work as a tight team, guided by industry professionals.

In just one year, studying part-time, they wrote, produced, directed, shot, edited, promoted and released their first 90-minute movie – gaining real experience and a world-recognised feature film credit along the way.

After their new movie premieres at Hoyts EQ in Sydney, it goes on to screen in cinemas around Australia.

You too could join our next class and experience the thrill of making a feature film from scratch. To find out more about our course and how to enrol, please visit www.participate.com.au.

But first, I invite you to enjoy the latest offering from Participate Film Academy. Drum roll, please ...

Ladies and gentlemen, Sweet Marshall and the class of 2008!

Artur Kade

Founder and Managing Director

Participate Film Academy

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