Cast and crew


Artur Kade – Executive Producer and Producer

Sarah Foster – Hogg – Producer and Casting Director

Andrew Kelly – Producer, First Assistant Director and Sound Editor

Eva Acharya – Co-Writer, Co-Director, Wardrobe, SFX Makeup

Martin Alvarez Garcia – Co Director, Co Writer and Film Editor

James Gowing – Director of Photography, Camera Operator and Sound Editor

Shant Sarkissian – Production Assistant, Camera Assistant

Callum Lewars – Sound Recordist, Boom Operator and Sound Editor

Mark Nunnari – Production Manager, Props Master and Catering Coordinator

Daisy Wang – Behind the scenes, Boom Operator and Sound Design

Leo Ladia – Production Assistant

Kieran G Donovan – Original Story “Funshine”


Paul Winchester – Marshall

Billy Holden – Greg Weinbergen

Neveille Bhamgara – Charles Sanfillipa

Nicholas Moala – Joe Mareeni

Monica Kade – Helena

Mikaela Franco – Tracey

Jennifer Isabel King – Sarah Winters

Shant Sarkissian – James Mclaren

Amber Gokken – Teagan

Sergej kozul – Vladimir

Paul O’Brien – Joseph

Pauline Kingsford-Smith – Erin Mclaren

Sweet Marshall

Marshall has it all; money, women, designer suits and sports cars! But one thing tops the list: his high-paying job. A job most people in the world would love to have but one that places him on the criminals’ most wanted list. With a flip of a coin, it all comes crashing down; Marshall is arrested for a robbery he didn’t commit. For a master chameleon, jail becomes his playground; weaving his master plan. Strings are pulled and Marshall gains his freedom. He is a man with 26 million reasons to be hunted and every criminal wants to get their hands on him. Threatened, kidnapped, drugged and tourtured, Marshall is caught in a sticky web of lies and seduction… or is he?